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Feb 08,2018

The convene of Guangdong Yabo Hotel furniture Industries marketing summary conference 2017

January 2018,the Guangdong Yabo Hotel furniture Industries marketing summary conference 2017 was held at the 3rd floor meeting room with  loud applause and joy and laughter.

Director Kaibo Huang,Vice president Fahao Yang,The Assistant of General Manager  Zhi Ma,Domestic Marketing Director Shijian Xiao,and all other more than 20 staffs from domestic and overseas marketing department attended the conference.




Directed by Vice president Fahao Yang.He introduced the marketing status in 2017,published the sales result of each sales manager in the year,raised the existing problems ,and made comments and suggestions for the coming marketing works.


      Shijian Xiao,Domestic Marketing Director analyzed the development situation about domestic hotel industry,summarized deletion for their working in 2017.Made a comprehensive description from agent policy implement to departmental organization construction,marketing channel construction and  improved  service awareness etc.And put forward the working arrangement and deployment of their department in 2018.


     Zhi Ma, Assistant of General Manager made deployment and arrangement on the below six points:how to focus on the target,enhance service awareness,improve personal quality,optimize marketing policy,expand marketing channels and provide full support to marketing departments.


      Kaibo huang , director  made a summary on the marketing department works in 2017 in conclusion,and expressed his satisfaction with the works in 2017.Same time, called up employee of marketing department to complete basic jobs,employ more talents,try best to expand marketing channels,actively promote company brand.Fight for a qualitative leap in 2018,as a gift for company 20th  anniversary.Meanwhile,he expressed great thanks to the marketing members on behalf of the company,for their great efforts,exploration and innovation,forge ahead with determination.And wished a happiness New Year and family,all the best to all members.

    Also at the meeting,the sales champion of 2017 was commended,commission of forth quarter of 2017  was issued.The sales champion made a presentation at the meeting.The meeting ended with a thunderous applause.


Top sales Zhaobin Zeng shared his experiences


The joy of becoming admin66 sales is effusively


Kaibo Huang issued champion with certificate,bonus and commission 


Kaibo Huang issued the Second with certificate,bonus and commission


 Kaibo Huang issued the Third with certificate,bonus and commission-威尼斯人官网-威尼斯eg游戏网址


Kaibo Huang had a group photo with sales champion,Second and Third of 2017


Kaibo Huang issued sales commission


Kaibo Huang issued sales commission


Kaibo Huang issued sales commission


Kaibo Huang issued sales commission


Kaibo Huang issued sales commission


Kaibo Huang issued sales commission-威尼斯彩票网


Kaibo Huang issued sales

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